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Sell My House in Charlotte, NC

Working with a licensed, experienced, and local Realtor is critical when you’re ready to sell your Charlotte property. At Carolinas Metro Realty, we know the local market, and we put that knowledge to use when we’re marketing your home, showing it to prospective buyers, and negotiating the terms of your deal.


We believe in communication. We’ll talk about the details of your property – what you love about it and why you’re selling. Together, we’ll put together a tailored plan that’s unique to you and your sales goals.

Sell My Home Charlotte – What to Expect from Us

List your property with us, and you’ll immediately reap the benefits that only an experienced and professional sales team can provide. Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

  • Expert pricing. We know how to compare your home to the others available on the market. We’ll analyze the size, location, condition, and talk to you about your expectations. Our agents will recommend a price that’s competitive but sure to earn you top dollar on your home.
  • To-Do Lists. Before you put your home on the market, you’ll need to make it look its best. We can help you take care of any minor repairs, small but important upgrades, and cosmetic finishes that can make the difference between selling fast and waiting out a long vacancy.
  • Resources and Relationships. We work closely with other agents and Realtors in and around Charlotte. We’ll share feedback when they take clients to see your home, and make any minor adjustments that we think will help you sell faster.
  • Negotiations and Closing. We’ll present and negotiate all offers you receive on your property. Once you accept an offer, we’ll continue advocating for you by working with contractors, appraisers, and the buyer’s agent.

Selling a home in Charlotte does not have to be complicated. Make sure you earn the most you can and attract a qualified buyer. We’ll show you how.